Ashley Humphrey
Ashley Humphrey
Grade: Fifth Grade

Years at Riverside Prep: Three
1. What got you into teaching? I have wanted to be an Elementary teacher since I was in elementary school. A teacher of mine with a love of reading inspired me by reading my favorite novel, Where the Red Fern Grows. I can still picture myself in her class admiring the way she taught. The compassion she showed and the lessons we learned, inspired me to want to be able to do the same when I was older. No matter what path I explored, my heart was led back to those memories and into the classroom.
2. What brought you to Riverside Prep? The location is what gained my attention, to be closer to home. What keeps me here is our great students and supportive staff!
3. What do you like most about teaching at Riverside Prep? There is a positive drive for student success at our school. I enjoy being part of a team that drives instruction through meaningful experiences for our students. Watching students succeed through project-based learning and real-life experiences is wonderful.
4. What's your favorite moment in teaching? My favorite moment as a teacher is sharing a love of reading with students. To watch them get excited to see what happens next, to hook them into wanting to read more. To watch them grab the next book in a series we read or grab a book I said I enjoyed as a child. To share experiences together that make learning fun. At the end of each year, students get to form groups and create their own mini-scripted play based on any novel we read together as a class. To watch them re-enact the story and create new endings is to entertaining and memories that I, and hopefully they, will never forget.
5. What does it mean to be the Elementary School Teacher of the Month? It is an honor to named Teacher of the Month. We have such wonderful teachers on our campus and to be recognized for just doing something I love is amazing and unexpected. I enjoy being involved inside and outside of the classroom and I am grateful for the recognition. Thank you RP for believing in me!

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