Second Grade

Lola Thiem Vargas
Lola Thiem-Vargas
Grade: Second Grade

Teacher: Connie Rojas
1. What do you like most about going to Riverside Prep? The thing Lola likes the most about going to Riverside Prep is the fact that she gets to see her mom all day because she is the school nurse. Also, she likes to hang out with her teachers.
2. What's your favorite subject in class and why? Her favorite subject in school is math because it's fun and she feels like her brain is growing more.
3. What do you like most about your teacher? The thing she likes most about her teacher is that she gives her challenging match problems.
4. What do you want to be when you grow up? When Lola grows up, she wants to be a veterinarian because she loves animals and wants to make them feel better when they're hurt.
Teacher Comment: Lola is a wonderful student. She is everything a Silver Knight should be. She is always bright and cheerful, extremely honest, kind to everyone in her class, and very hardworking. Congratulations on being the Student of the Month Lola. You are a shining star!
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