Third Grade

Taytum Donnelley
Taytum Donnelley
Grade: Third Grade

Teacher: Elizabeth Fox
1. What do you like most about going to Riverside Prep? What I like most about RPES is all of my friends and teachers. Why I like them the most is because with my friends I have someone to talk to and play with at recess. With my teacher, I have someone to teach me things I already know and hug when they get sad.
2. What's your favorite subject in class and why? If I had a favorite subject in class, it would obviously be math. If I was asked why I would just say because it inspires me and it makes me use my brain for fun. My other favorite subject is related to math, kind of, I love work!!! I really like work because I love using my brain. Most people don't like school or work, but no me. I love work, any kind of work – math, spelling, grammar – you name it, I do it.
3. What do you like most about your teacher? I like that my teacher is loving and nice and hopefully happy. She's also very caring and most importantly who she is. What I love about her most is that she is the best teacher ever.
4. What do you want to be when you grow up? When I grow up, I would really want to be a baseball player. If I wanted to play a certain position, I would want to be a first baseman on the Giants
Teacher Comment: "Taytum comes to school eager to learn every day. Not only does he excel in all subjects, but he is very caring to others around him."

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