Adrianne Kilzer
Adrianne Kilzer
Grade: Fifth Grade

Years at Riverside Prep: Four
1. What do you like most about teaching at Riverside Prep? I think one of my favorite things is the family engagement that we have here. I love that the parents let me be a part of their kids' lives both in school and outside of school. I go to a lot of their sporting events on the weekends and things like that to let them know that I'm there supporting them no matter what they're going through, whether they're in my class or not in my class. I like to make sure that they know that I'm another support system, just like their parents.
2. What's a funny/cute story about your students? A pivotal point in my career that I will never forget would be the family movie adventure that my class went on last year. We read the book Wonder and wanted to see the movie that was coming out in November. So, I called the movie theater and set up for us to rent out a theater and see the movie TOGETHER. It was great to hear all of the kids whispering throughout the theater about the differences from the book. I loved that families got to come witness the impact that book had on our class. It helped us learn to respect everyone, no matter what they look like. This was especially important because we had students within our own classroom who may have looked or acted different than the "ordinary" fifth grader. I feel like the book, and especially the movie night, changed the dynamic of our classroom. We became a family.
3. What do you like most about teaching fifth grade? I like elementary school because they don't quite have attitudes yet. They're very easy to connect with, in my opinion, and I think that's why I like the fifth grade. I also coach the fifth grade boys basketball team, which is another way for me to connect with my students.
4. What does it mean to be the Elementary School Teacher of the Month? It is a great honor to be chosen as the second Elementary School Teacher of the Month! I honestly feel like I give my all in what I do and I hope that it shows, but this proves to me that people are seeing all that I do. I honestly can't take much credit for it though, because I do it all for the kids. They are the reason that I am Teacher of the Month! They make my efforts feel effortless. I enjoy my job more than anything else!

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