Janette Ackermann
Janette Ackermann
Grade: Kindergarten

Years at Riverside Prep: Seven
1. What do you like most about teaching at Riverside Prep? I really enjoy having my students' special times, when they get to take classes like technology, art, music or PE, because it gives us teachers time to collaborate as a team. We try to use that time to offer support, provide feedback and come up with new ideas to use in the classroom. I also like this new Teacher of the Month idea because I think it's a great way to recognize all of the amazing teachers we have here at Riverside Prep.
2. What's a funny/cute story about your students? Last year I had students who thought that I was the youngest teacher at the school because I was the shortest. They asked me if I was 6 years old because I'm so short. So we talked about how everyone is different heights, but that doesn't necessarily reflect how old they are. And then I told them that I was actually 7 years old.
3. What do you like most about teaching kindergarten? I love seeing their growth and how they work toward independence throughout the year. It's usually right around Spring Break in March that they begin to start writing and reading independently. It's just a lot of fun to see them gain confidence and become more independent as the year goes along.
4. What does it mean to be the first Elementary School Teacher of the Month? I'm very excited, I did not expect this honor. It means a lot to me to be selected.

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